Our wildlife populations have experienced steep declines through loss of habitat and climate change. In 2019 the Cornell Lab of Ornithology concluded a 50-year study that reported a decline of 29 percent in bird populations in North America, with an estimated loss of 3 billion birds across all biomes.

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Beginning on April 1, 2022, join us in celebrating the first day that trapping on public land becomes illegal in New Mexico. This hard won success was ten years in the making. Thanks for your support in making this happen! 

The 2022 legislative session has produced an important piece of legislation for wildlife and wild flora in NM and the U.S.  Introduced by Senator Mimi Stewart, the Senate Joint Memorial #2,  National Biodiversity Strategy, is a formal request from the NM legislature that asks our federal government to establish a national biodiversity strategy “to protect species and habitats and help forestall the loss of biodiversity.” Although SJM#2 did not pass, we are hopeful it will be revived in our 2023 legislative session. (SJM#2 aligns with the federal 30×30 Initiative see below).

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President Biden issued an executive order, the 30×30 Initiative, to protect 30 percent of all land and marine ecosystems in the country by 2030. This could save an estimated one million species from extinction.

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Contact your US senators, US representatives and President Biden. Encourage them to advocate for the implementation of the 30×30 Initiative, and to reverse Trump downgrades of the Endangered Species Act.