We are women actively engaged in issues vital to our community and country. We work to realize equitable policies and elect progressive leaders in Santa Fe, New Mexico and nationwide.

Who We Are

“Action is the antidote to despair” – Joan Baez

Indivisible SOS Santa Fe is a group of 100 women who want to contribute to a more equitable, democratic and caring community and country. We range from political novices to life-long activists and share a desire to be well-informed and civically engaged. 

We are a chapter of the national Indivisible organization, which gives us additional resources and a national presence. The “SOS” in our name stands for Speaking Out Sanely.

Our priorities include holding the House and Senate, ensuring voting rights for all and encouraging Americans to participate in elections, reproductive and other civil rights and countering gun violence. In New Mexico, we work on these issues as well as immigration and protection of wildlife and the environment.

We meet each Monday from 9:30-11 a.m. in-person and by Zoom, often with an expert speaker. Our leadership team of eight is headed by president Sandy Dransfield.

We ask each member to make a dues payment based on her ability, with no minimum requirement. Our yearly budget is around $10,000, all from member contributions and matching funds from national Indivisible.

We believe in action! We are motivated, effective and we have fun. Our reward is the knowledge that we are making a tangible difference and that we are stronger when united. Our group has given us both hope and an important sense of community.

Please join us!

How it all began

Our History

Our story began in January 2017 when a handful of friends joined the first National Women’s March. We participated in Santa Fe, along with thousands of others here and across the world, who were dismayed by the election of Donald Trump. We simply could not go about our lives without protesting. We began meeting weekly, writing letters and postcards, and learning more about the issues that mattered to us. We started calling ourselves SOS: Speaking Out Sanely.

We quickly grew from that small group to 100 members today. Along the way, we invited our national, state and local officials to talk with us. In 2019 we joined the national Indivisible organization, which gives us additional resources and a national presence. 

Clothing Drop
Our group has collected hundreds of items for immigrants at the border with Mexico and for Native people in New Mexico

Our Achievements

  • We were instrumental in enacting more accurate, comprehensive and innovative social studies standards for NM public schools
  • We have established working relationships with key local law enforcement to protect the civil rights of residents
  • We have formed a partnership with local worker-/immigrant-rights organization Somos Un Pueblo Unido
  • We are actively involved in Blue CD NM’s efforts to elect a Democrat to the U.S. House seat in southern New Mexico as well as re-election of U.S. Representatives Teresa Leger Fernandez and Melanie Stansbury
  • We successfully opposed the merger of giant utility company, Avangrid, and local PNM and are fighting the construction of a hydrogen hub in NM
  • We have donated water tanks, clothing and other supplies to immigrants and indigenous people in our state