Indivisible SOS members have written tens of thousands of letters and postcards to American voters
Donald Trump’s Republican party aims to give him a second term as president in order to gain more power at all levels of government. Trump promises the dismantling of American democracy and its institutions and we must take his words seriously. The January 6th insurrection, relentless lies and racist rhetoric, threats of violence, and efforts to pass voter suppression laws cannot be ignored. Indivisible SOS believes that Democrats must be elected to local, state and national offices.

What We Are Doing

We do hands-on work to elect Democrats and support ballot measures that protect our democracy. Our efforts are focused on New Mexico but we also help with campaigns in other states, as needed and possible. We canvass, mail postcards, make phone calls, send texts, and attend forums and other events. Many lawmakers have attended our weekly meetings. Our members register voters and work the polls. During the 2023 municipal elections, we helped Sarah Boses retain her seat on the Santa Fe School Board and successfully supported the passage of a local initiative for affordable housing.

We were actively involved in electing Gabe Vasquez to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2021

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