Reproductive Rights

Reproductive Rights

By overturning Roe v. Wade, a law that stood for nearly 50 years, the Supreme Court took away our constitutional right to control our own bodies. While we in New Mexico are lucky to have a governor and legislature that respect the rights of women to make their own healthcare choices, we cannot take for granted that this will always be the case. Therefore, our highest priority today is to codify these rights, including the right to contraceptives.

SOS at Planned Parenthood Breakfast 2023

What We Are Doing

This year, in partnership with many other groups and individuals, we are closely monitoring the availability of mifepristone and working to ensure access of this critically important medication to those living in states that limit reproductive rights. 

Take Action

Write, text or call your Senator and your Representative to insist that they introduce legislation to ensure access to medication abortion and protect the FDA from politically motivated attempts to curtail the critical, science-based work of this agency.

SOS table at the Reproductive Rights Rally 2021