Our Top Priorities

Take Action

Vote Forward is sending 10 million handwritten letters encouraging people to vote in the 2022 midterms. And they have included NM CD2! Let’s get this done! Be sure to choose your voters from NM CD2. Never written letters before? No problem! When you visit Vote Forward it’s easy to create an account.
“Vote Forward’s letter writing campaigns are designed to reach voters in the congressional districts and states where boosting turnout will have the biggest impact on election outcomes.”

New Mexico’s primaries are on June 7th. All three U.S. House seats are up for election this year. Teresa Leger Fernandez (CD3) and Melanie Stansbury (CD1) do not have primary challengers but they both have new district lines and new voters to engage. There will be a primary in CD2 and we are working with Blue CD2 to flip that seat (see Hold the House and Senate item, above). Take action right now by donating to and volunteering for candidates.

No fossil-fuel derived hydrogen is “clean.” In fact, this energy will contribute to global warming. Carbon-capture hydrogen, aka blue hydrogen, is not legitimate science but a public relations campaign by the fossil fuel industry to continue to profit. Our governor isn’t listening! Contact her and get involved with 350 New Mexico and other groups fighting the construction of a hydrogen hub in our state.