Hold the House and Senate

Hold the House and Senate

Hold the house
In the past few years our members have written thousands of postcards and letters to encourage Americans to vote.

Holding the House and Senate is what we are working for! ​

This midterm election year, we are focusing on New Mexico and especially CD2, where the extremist incumbent does not work for her constituents. We also want to keep our other two US Representatives in the House: Teresa Leger Fernandez and Melanie Stansbury. We want them to continue their good work on our behalf.

CD2 – We have a great candidate in Gabe Vasquez. To flip this district, will be the biggest gift NM can give the nation. Already there are many groups, national and local, working on his behalf. We have aligned ourselves with Blue CD2 NM. They are working short term to flip this district and long term to reach, and inspire to vote, many neglected populations in this region of our state.

We’ll be writing letters and postcards, holding fundraisers, canvassing, texting and more. Please join us!

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Give No Ground

Indivisible National also has a program to Hold the House and Senate. They’re “pulling out all the stops to turn the election into a referendum on GOP extremism and to defend the majorities that we built.” They’re going to “Give No Ground.”

As we are able, Indivisible SOS will also support several of the Senate races in states where we can boost voter turnout from here. We will write postcards for sure! Some of the races we are watching: GA: Senator Warnock; AZ: Senator Kelly; NV: Senator Cortez Masto; NH: Senator Hassan. Additional states we have our eyes on: OH, PA, WI, FL, CO, MI.

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