Hold the House and Senate

Hold the House and Senate

Hold the house
In the past few years our members have written thousands of postcards and letters to encourage Americans to vote.
Democrats’ slim margins in both the House and the Senate make it difficult to pass needed legislation. To accomplish our goals, larger majorities are needed. Just completed redistricting will impact the competitiveness of 2 out of 3 New Mexico congressional districts. CD3 becomes more competitive and less safe for Teresa Leger Fernandez. CD2 becomes more competitive between Democrats and Republicans, and a great opportunity for us to flip that congressional seat blue!

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BlueCD2NM has big plans to not only flip NM CD2 blue, but long term plans to make that district live up to its democratic potential. To date, 50,000 postcards have been written and mailed to low propensity voters; a core, statewide, volunteer organization is being built; data is being compiled to reach out to women, youth, indigenous, Hispanic and rural voters and to donors. With more postcards to be written, billboards to be purchased and voters to talk to, there are many ways we can help in this important effort!

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